Business Assessments for Cyber (C.R.I.P.P.)

You’re running your business and you may have staff or have hired a firm to help keep your business up and running, but what do you really know about the Cyber Risks that your business is exposed to? Do you understand the various types of risks that are potential to your business and it relates to the technology, data, and persons who work in your business?

We help you better understand the types of risk and where they are likely to manifest themselves in your organization. We work with you to view your business and its operations through the prism of Cyber Risk. Then we work through strategies to mitigate those risks.

Everest’s Cyber Assessments for Business is part of a our proprietary procedural approach called the Cyber Risk Insurance Preparation Protocol, or C.R.I.P.P..  This protocol guides businesses to the final layer of protection for Cyber Risk, which is an actual insurance policy. What leads to that end is a series of steps that A) have your business become Cyber Risk Aware B) identify the risks that are specific to your business, C) make recommendations for appropriate measures to mitigate those risks, D) your implementation of those strategies within your business to demonstrate your business is not only aware, but actively engaged in managing the level of risk it is exposed to.  The final step being E) to approach obtaining a Cyber Insurance “wrapper” in a very deliberate self-aware manner. 

We guide you through A, B, and C. You’re then welcome to work with our partners to implement these strategies within your organization (D) and we offer our sibling company The Everest Insurance Services Group, LLC to use the product of our work efforts, to identify the most appropriate insurance solution for your business (E).

The C.R.I.P.P. process is a multi-vendor process because the process involves multiple disciplines.  We make that process easier by A) having a program which will implement seamlessly and B) by including a recommendation deliverable. By doing so, your business can use whomever you like for the implementation as well as whomever you like for the insurance. Of course, we hope to be able to work with you through the entire process. Contact us today for more information.

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