Frameworks, Custom Apps & Integration

Frameworks, Custom Apps and Integration

Everest wants to be a part of developing that special piece of technology that will make your business better and exceptional. 

Frameworks – Sometimes the path to being exceptional involves using existing frameworks and then customizing and extending the frameworks for your special needs. The advantage to using frameworks is that you get a lot of standard functionality up front and we can ultimately spend more time on developing that feature that is going to set you apart.

Custom Applications(Apps) – Sometimes the path is breaking ground or taking a formerly manual process with very specific workflows and creating an application for such a purpose.  This is the area of development that Everest has the most extensive history in serving clients. 

Integration – Whether it is information in different parts of your organization that don’t speak to eachother, e.g. a sales or crm system with accounting or perhaps some information that comes from a partner or vendor that could be useful to your internal processes, integration is what makes leveraging data for action all possible. We try to get clients to think integration at the onset, if we are starting new, but ultimately integration becomes what’s desired. It start’s with “It would be great if we could see x data when we are quoting…” or something along those lines.

Integration is all about bring together the information needed by an organization to take the necessary actions which result in, again, greater revenue, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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