Business Intelligence

What exactly is Business Intelligence? For some it used to be known as Business Analytics. For some, it is business reporting. Most businesses are obtaining some degree of business intelligence. To us, it is simply the process of using the data available to your business, either accrued in the course of doing business, or acquired, and to then visualize that data for the purpose of greater insight and informed decision making. Sure, it might come in the form of reports, or adhoc query tools, or even statistical analysis, but it all starts with capturing and organizing the data available to you.

Everest has over twenty years of experience in developing databases, data models, systems for capturing data, and in data integration. We’re particularly good at helping organizations make sense of their data and we can do the same for you.

Every business should be thinking about where the data exists in their business and whether it could serve a greater purpose. We are not just talking about names and addresses, but the data that speaks to efficiency and scalability.

Our work in this area has helped businesses realize greater success in ways such as a) allowing the business to focus on those business opportunities most likely to be profitable and b) allowing businesses to utilize more data points to support more appropriate pricing.

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